Wild Alaska

Last July, filmmakers Aliscia Young and Richard Sidey went on a great adventure to the Coastal Wilderness of Southern Alaska. During their expedition, Aliscia and Richard have seen what the beautiful nature of Alaska has to offer. An amazing coastline, mountains, glaciers, icebergs, fjords, forests and wild animals. They’ve made the ‘Wild Alaska’ short film to show us the great things they’ve seen during their trip.

Alaska is one of those countries that I hope to explore sometime. Being surrounded by nature, making long hikes, riding epic mountainbike trails and camp in the outdoors. If you’re planning a trip to Alaska then you have to save ‘Wild Alaska’ in your list of travel inspiration!

Interested in more of Aliscia Young or Richard Sidey’s work? Then I would recommend you to visit their websites.

Aliscia Young
Richard Sidey

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