Warm Wetsuits by Patagonia

Warm Wetsuits by Patagonia

A good preparation for some freezing surf.



Patagonia is a clothing brand that really cares about the environment. They are always looking for new materials and manufacturing techniques for their products without doing any harm to the environment. And they have a proven track record. Take for example their wetsuit line for surfing. They have developed and evaluate their wetsuits for some years now which made it possible for Patagonia to design a high quality wetsuit for different conditions. The R2 for cool, R3 for cold, R4 for frigid and yes even one for people that love to surf in ice. The R5 wetsuit for arctic conditions. You have probably seen the Patagonia video where Keith Malloy is taking some nice waves in Norway’s ice cold conditions. All wetsuits are made with high quality neoprene that meets the standards for flexibility, durability and warmth. All wetsuits have an inner lining of recycled polyester and the R3,4 and 5 wetsuits have an extra lining of chlorine free merino wool for more warmth. All seams are single-needle blind stitched on the outside with nylon bonded thread, and triple glued for preventing any leaking. Even the kneepads are made of PVC-free supratex material. Both men and women can choose a wetsuit of their own preference. It’s good to see a company that has chosen a path of making products that are environmentally friendly and nice to use. A great example for other companies.

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By Paul – November 1 – 2013


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