Under An Arctic Sky

With a fully packed sailing vessel, six surfers went on their journey of a lifetime. During the arctic winter they sailed to the cold shores of a remote part of Iceland, in their search for perfect surf. With only three ours of light per day and a great storm they had to endure some very challenging conditions. Under an Arctic Sky is an epic story of their great adventure. Filmed by photographer and filmmaker Chris Burkard.




Freezing surf in Iceland

I’ve visited Iceland a long time ago but didn’t go for a surf. It must be great to catch some waves over there. Circumventing the whole island by boat or an off road vehicle to find some nice waves. You’re always surrounded by a great environment and beautiful nature. I can imagine there are a lot of nice spots with empty breaks and great waves. True, you have to bring some high quality neoprene to challenge the freezing water.

‘The key to anything that’s worth doing is that there has to be some level of uncertainty’

– Chris Burkard

Feel free to visit underanarcticsky.com for more information.

Ever been on an adventure to find perfect surf? And what are your limits? Is it the height of the waves or maybe the place where you’re going to for a surf? Maybe you’ll like to share it with a comment. I am very curious!

By Paul 

(photos via: underanarcticsky.com)

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