Through the Lens and Takashi Kobayashi

Through the Lens and Takashi Kobayashi

Rob Machado meets with tree house builder Takashi Kobayashi



In an earlier article we have written about the Through the Lens series where surfer Rob Machado documents some interesting artists from different countries. People that like to create beautiful objects and love to surf. In the first episode Rob has documented artist Jay Nelson who changes cars and boats in wooden artworks. In the latest episode Rob Machado travels to Japan where he meets with Takashi Kobayashi. As a true craftsman Takashi loves to be surrounded by nature and built beautiful tree houses. In the last twenty years he has built 120 tree houses in many different places. During his visit in Japan Rob Machado pays a visit to what Takashi calls his most important project. A space in the trees for children that are living in the Sendai region. An area that was stricken by the Tsunami of 2011. After this mayor disaster Takashi Kobayashi has worked as a volunteer to help the people of  Sendai. Now he wants to give something back by building a beautiful place where children can learn and play in the trees.  I think its great to create something nice for others. And tree houses are just very cool.


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By Paul – September 11 – 2013



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