The Vans OTW Block Collection

The Vans OTW Block Collection

Vans OTW introduces their new “Block” collection with three cool new shoes.



Do you have a favourite street or neighbourhood? A place to hang out with your friends, where you can listen to music, have a drink, show your fixie bicycle or practice a new trick with your skateboard or bmx bike.  Every city in the world is different and has it’s own identity. Even every street, neighbourhood or block is different and has it’s own culture, personality and trends. To celebrate this, Vans OTW has designed their new “Block” collection. It comes with stylish new colours for The Bedford, Prescott, and Tesella models. The “Block” Collection is specially designed to pay some attention to the city of Los Angeles and the streets, blocks and neighbourhoods of La Brea and Fairfax. I am a great fan of Los Angeles and Vans OTW has proven again to show some nice creativity in their shoes.

The Bedford







You can check the Vans OTW website for more information.

By Paul – March 5th – 2014


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