The Trail To Kazbegi

What’s your ultimate mountainbike adventure? Just watched ‘The Trail To Kazbegi’. An awesome short film of four friends that went on a journey to the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia for an epic mountainbike expedition.

A beautiful country with lot’s of history, nice people, unknown and rough terrain, high mountains, snow, crossing rivers, enduring climbs and long rocky downhill rides. Ingredients for a true mountainbike adventure, if you ask me. I always like to talk about new mountainbike trips with my good buddies and really like to be inspired by interesting video’s on the Internet. So therefore I like to recommend ‘The Trail To Kazbegi’ to every mountainbike adventurer. Released by filmmaker Joey Schusler, Yeti Cycles and Bike Magazine. So, what will be your next trail riding adventure?

You should definitely visit Bike Magazine for a full story and great photos.

By Paul


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