The Remmy by Raen Optics

the remmy-sunglasses by-raen optics

Raen Optics has just launced a new pair of sunglasses called: the Remmy. The Remmy is a cool new model with a frame that has an awesome retro look and is made from a new type of very durable Italian Acetate. And on top of that. The glasses are provided by Carl Zeis Optics. Which makes it a complete package of good and lasting material. The Remmy has a lightweight frame so you can wear it for a long time during the day. The Remmy can be worn both by men and women and it looks great and goes well with different styles.

the remmy-sunglasses by-raen optics-photo 2

the remmy-sunglasses by-raen optics-photo 3

Raen Optics is founded in 2008 and is known for creating some stylish and authentic products with great quality. They have become a real lifestyle brand and some inspiring ambassadors like: Kassia Meador, Korey Dane, Ford Archbold, Morgan Maassen, Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson are wearing their sunglasses. I am wearing the Raen Optics “Squire” model for a couple of years now and I still like it a lot!


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Raen Optics

By Paul – January 22nd – 2014


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