The Musguard

The Musguard

Keeps your back clean while cycling in the rain!




As Slovenian artist and industrial designer Jurij Lozić rode his fixed gear bike through the rain, the need for a mudguard became high. He started thinking of designing his own mudguard and looked for a light and removable solution. He relied on previous experiences with polypropylene sheets, having worked with this material during his years at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana. After designing, producing and testing different mudguards he ended up creating the Musguard. An easy to use, rollable fender with a great design. With it’s minimalistic look it fits great on fixed gear and single speed bikes (especially those with no rear wheel brakes). When it’s dry outside you just roll the Musguard around your frame. I find it very interesting when someone combines such creativity and design when working on solutions for every day needs. I’d almost get my own fixie just to sport a Musguard…



the musguard-photo 2

the musguard-photo 4 the musguard-photo 3

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By Paul – June 6 2013

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