The Life is Precious Survival Kit

When was your last adventure in the outdoors? And did you use any of your survival stuff? New York based design studio Fort Standard has developed an awesome product that could fit perfectly in your survival backpack. They’ve managed to combine aesthetics and usefulness in one product. Their “Life is Precious Survival Kit is a simple yet beautiful looking canister, which is filled with small and basic survival products.

Inside the canister there’s a army green roll packed with an Swiss army knife, sewing kit, fishing threads, matches, whistle and a signal mirror. The canister is waterproof and engraved with motivational survival sayings and words. And there’s even a compass inside the cap.

“Use the content of this canister before you need to rely on them”

As a design studio, Fort Standard has developed some great products. Both for their own product line and custom made for other companies. The Life is Precious Survival Kit is specially developed for Wallpapers’  Handmade Exhibition in Milan during Salone Del Mobile. This is quite a while ago already, however I had to write something about this awesome product.









You can check out their website if you like to see more of Fort Standard’s work?


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