The Involvement Dream

The Involvement Dream

Watch how Belinda Baggs surfs Wayne Lynch’s favourite surfboard from the sixties.



Back in the sixties many surfers began with experimenting new types of surfboards. They where used to their longboards and started with trying out all sorts of new surfboard shapes.And so did legendary surfer Wayne Lynch. After having a very interesting dream, Wayne came up with the idea of making an all round surfboard model that could be surfed in many conditions. And so he designed and shaped the Involvement Model. A perfect board for Wayne Lynch’s surfing style. Many years later, Belinda Baggs is given the possibility to try this great surfboard. By being an experienced and very stylish surfer, Belinda really knows how to surf this board with lot’s of grace. The Involvement Dream is a very inspirational small documentary. It has a nice blend of surf footage with Belinda Baggs and some vintage surfing action of Wayne Lynch in the sixties. Nathan Oldfield is known for making some nice surf movies. Together with the support of Patagonia he managed to create another inspirational video for the surfing enthusiast. I think that’s one of the greatest things of surfing. Trying out different boards and finding that ultimate one for your personal quiver. And there will always be another new surfboard model.

You can visit Nathan Oldfield’s website to watch more of his video’s.


By Paul – July 13th – 2014


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