The guys from clothing brand, LA PAZ (interview)

The story of two creative friends from Portugal with an awesome clothing brand.

Back in 2011, good ol’ buddies Jose Miguel de Abreu and André Bastos Texeira decided to combine their creative ideas in a new clothing brand, called LA PAZ. Inspired by grandpa clothes, street life, people, the sea, nature, antique markets and many other things they’re creating some very nice clothing. With a very authentic mix of a classic and modernism style.

“Every season we introduce a traditional product from a local Portuguese artisan.
This time we’ll have 100% traditional Porto Moniz Socks.
Made by the fishermen’s women of Madeira”.

LA PAZ has a great collection of t-shirts, shirts, jersey’s, knitwear, jackets, trousers and hats. All specially designed for men.

Inspired by their enthusiasm and creativity we’re stoked about our interview with Jose and Andre.




Who are the persons behind LA PAZ?

We’re Jose Miguel de Abreu (left) and André Bastos Teixeira (right).

Two persons that love the craftsmanship of designing clothing.

Can you tell something more about yourself?

J: Born and raised in Porto – I am a Paralian. I have a lovely wife and I am a proud father of three. And I really love my two dogs.  They’re my great buddies! What I really like to do is surfing. Which is awesome in Portugal.  I love to read too. Wine is also an important part of my life, I guess, and music. In the professional field, I have worked in marketing and advertising for a few years and I have been a lecturer in a University here in Porto. Now it’s all about LA PAZ!

A: I was born in the calm city of Porto. I’ve spend my youth very close to the sea and did a lot of bodyboarding and skating. As I did many times with José, during some great summer holidays in the North. Then I embarked on a long journey for my study in England. Highly motivated by my father, who was a doctor that also made his studies over on the great island. I was always very interested in making clothes but my drawing skills unfortunately, weren’t that great. So I decided to take a business fashion course. Which really helped in getting to know the creative side and industry aspect. Besides that I am very passionate about world music and sound capture, history (Portuguese discoveries) antiques and maps and all fabrics with a special lean for African cloths. Good surfing and Italian Spaghetti. I like to be surrounded by friends and have nice meals and walk in the nature.




Where do you come from?

A + J: We both come from Porto.

What do you recommend when in Portugal?

J: The people, the food, the wine, the waves…

A: Well I recommend the birth place of my Grand mother Alice, the Azores. A beautiful island group in the Atlantic between America and Europe. The islands are wild and the water is very pure. The Azores have a great variety of landscapes and a great whale sanctuary.

In Portugal I like Parque Natural do Gerês in the north (wild Park) and Alentejo the Saint Vincent. Porto and Lisboa are the best cities and both very different with lots of History. You have to eat our grilled fish, drink Vinho Verde (green wine) and try our pastry. It’s just great!




When did you start with designing clothing?

A: I really started with Jose in 2011 was something very natural and our symbioses are wonderful and we have a good feel doing it. A good energy

J: 2011.

Why the name LA PAZ?

A + J: LA PAZ was the name Andre gave to his shop in Porto. It means peace. Andre had some turbulent working experiences and was looking for something of his own. With his store he now had the possibility to leave a mark of a more peaceful future. He first named the store “LA PAZ Merchant Studio”. The name became quite popular, so Andre and José decided to keep the “LA PAZ” part. It’s short, happy, easy and it sounds nice too. Very musical and phonetic.




How can you best describe the style of LA PAZ?

A: LA PAZ is best described as classic with a touch of modernism. Expressed by colour, texture and details.

J: Our idea was to do something classic but fresh at the same time. I think we are pretty close to that.

How do you get inspired?

A: Grandpa clothes and closets, street life, people, the sea, nature, antiques markets, old and historical clothes, fabrics, books, fisherman, work wear, vintage shops, people in the countryside, Sheperd’s, Mountains and expeditions. And much more

J: Nature inspires me a lot. It’s amazing to see the patterns and textures. Take for example the colours from a single tree.




Can you tell us something about the 2015 collection? What will be new?

A: Sorry very censured matter, it’s not possible!! Haha. We have improved the garments as we always try to do along the way. We’re also desigining a few new models and maintain the pieces that go well. This season we’ll have more colour to give more sunshine to our winters. Every season we introduce a traditional product from a local Portuguese artisan. This time we’ll have 100% traditional Porto Moniz Socks. Made by the fishermen’s women of Madeira.

J: We do a lot of research with traditional production and we just found out about this amazing factory. They’re buying old looms and make some amazing wool fabrics. So we developed a few styles around that. We kept the silhouettes very clean but improved a lot with the textures and the production quality.

Where can people buy LA PAZ clothing?

A+J: We’re happy to say that you can buy LA PAZ in many continents at the moment. We’ve a good response in America, Europe, Russia and Ukraine. And in Asia from Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan. In Holland, we’re having our clothes being sold at Hunting Ensemble, Black Sheep and Road and Damage. There’s more info of the different stockists on our website.




What’s more in life besides LA PAZ?

A: In life there is my girlfriend. She’s great company and we love to spend time together. Being with my family is also very important. And of course, surfing! Which is giving me a lot of pleasure.  I also enjoy being surrounded by nature and help other people.

J: There’s my Family, Friends, my Dogs, Surfing, Books, Music, Wine…all with capital letters and whenever it’s possible, all together at the same time.

What would be your ultimate adventure?

A: Going in a Vessel and sail around the world.

J: The ultimate adventure is being a good father in order to raise your kids properly in this f’n crazy world.




What’s next for LA PAZ?

A+J: For LA PAZ is to maintain in doing a consistent and good work with our clothes and work closer with our partners, clients, suppliers and artisans. If possible, opening a few shops with our spirit in a few important cities around our beautiful planet




You can visit LA PAZ’s website for more interesting stuff.

(Photos via: Romain Bernardie-James, Filipa Alves and Jose Miguel de Abreu)


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