The Great Songs of Pokey LaFarge

The Great Songs of Pokey LaFarge

Have you heard Pokey LaFarge’s music already?

Back in September while travelling by car to France for a surf trip one of my friends asked me if I had ever heard of Pokey LaFarge and his songs. Who? Which was my first reaction because I had never heard of that name before. So, my friend played one of Pokey LaFarge’s songs from his latest albums and asked me if I liked it. I was very surprised! It sounded great! Especially while being on a sunny road trip through Europe.

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Pokey LaFarge is a 30 year old American singer-songwriter, for the people that haven’t heard of him before, like I did. His music can be described as a very nice blend of jazz, country blues, string ragtime and western swing combined with some good lyrics. One of his songs has even been used for the soundtrack of the Boardwalk Empire series. Which fits perfectly if you asked me. This year was a very good one for Pokey LaFarge. He managed to sign a contract with Jack White’s Third Man Records and he has released a new album called Pokey LaFarge. If you’re lucky you can visit a concert next year because Pokey will be travelling around the world with his support band.

I have played Pokey LaFarge’s music for a couple of month’s now and I am becoming a big fan. The music just sounds very nice. It can be played during a Sunday morning breakfast, in a café or at a nice party. If you liked the video in this article you should definitely visit the Pinball Sessions website.

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(photos via website Pokey LaFarge)

By Paul – December 29th – 2013

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