The Ductumentary Surf Film

The Ductumentary Surf Film

A new and inspirational surf film with Joel Tudor.



The Ductumentary which is presented by Vans is a very inspirational short film of Joel Tudor. It shows how Joel became one of the best surfers in the world and what he has accomplished for other surfers by organising the Duct Tape Invitational. Besides Joel Tudor you also get to see some stylish shreddin’ by surfers like Alex Knost, Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren and Jared Mell. The music is provided by the Tomorrows Tulips, Matt McCluer,  Blank Tapes, Japenese Motors and more. The Ductumentary is definitely worth a watch. So take a seat, grab some snacks, have a drink and enjoy the film!

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By Paul – October 11 – 2013


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