The Blue Ox Mill

The Blue Ox Mill

A small documentary video of craftsman Eric Hollenbeck from The Blue Ox Mill and School.



The first thought of seeing this video was that it doesn’t need any introduction. It just speaks for itself. However. I was very inspired so I wanted to write a little article about this documentary. The video which is made by Ben Proudfoot is a very nice portrait of Eric Hollenbeck. Eric is a real craftsman who loves to create new things with wood. He started the Blue Ox Mill after his return from the Vietnam war. He needed a quite place to live so he chose the woods near Eureka California. Since than he has worked on a lot of wood projects and teaches the local kids how to create nice things out of wood. Like I explained in the beginning of this article. It’s a very inspirational video.

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By Paul – November 15 – 2013


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