Sweet Summer Fade

Sweet Summer Fade

A series of short and cool surf video’s shot on 16 mm film. Presented by Jack Coleman and Thalia Surf Shop.



While travelling to some great surfing breaks this year, photographer and filmmaker Jack Coleman has documented some nice surfing action with an old 16 mm camera. The Sweet Summer Fade series is a project which Jack  has developed with Thalia Surf Shop to show the video footage that was made during his trips.  Part one is an insane video of local surfing on the Wedge in Newport Beach. Probably one of the most crazy waves in the world to surf on. The second part is filmed in Noosa Australia and has a stylish touch with some classis shreddin’ by Alex Knost, Robin Kiegel, Joel Tudor and more. I think both movies are definetely worth to watch. The 16 mm film just looks very vintage and the funky tunes combined with some serious surfing is cool!

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Jack Coleman
Thalia Surf Shop 

By Paul – December 9th – 2013


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