Surfing in Italy with Bella Vita

Surfing in Italy with Bella Vita

Jason Baffa’s new movie “Bella Vita” gives you a great view of Italy, it’s culture and, off course, nice surf spots.



Italy is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Well known for it’s great history, culture, sceneries, people, style and great food. But surfing!? Jason Baffa shows you why it’s fun to go on a surf trip to Italy through his new surf movie Bella Vita. Jason Baffa , Chris del Moro, Dave Rastovich, Lauren Lyndsey Hill, Conner and Parker Coffin and Italian surfers Allessandro Ponzanelli and Leonardo Fioravanti on a great journey to some beautiful places and fine Italian surfing spots. Filmed in 35mm and a wicked soundtrack. Baffa is known for his popular surf movies Single Fin Yellow and One California Day and here’s a new one for your collection. I have travelled Italy and I can really recommend a visit!


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Bella Vita 


By Paul – May 17 2013



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