Sunday Trail

Going on a mountainbike trip in The Netherlands can be very awesome. True, we don’t have big mountains for long climbs and fast descents. However, there are some great forests and hills that offer a lot of nice trails. Take for example the ‘Berg en Dal’ area on the border of Nijmegen and Germany. There’s this amazing forest with nice hills. No fixed routes but we just like to go there and find our own trails.

First mountainbike video project

A couple of weeks ago we went back to ‘Berg en Dal’ to find our favorite spots and shoot some film. Something we always wanted to try and finally had the chance to do it. Since we don’t have any expensive camera equipment we decided to shoot our first video with an iPhone. We’ve named it: Sunday Trail and we’re quite happy with the result! By the way, the biker in the video is Joppe Rovers. One of the co-founder of Cyvel and a true mountainbike enthusiast! If you like the song in the back. It’s ‘Nicotene Blues’, by Kurt Vile.

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