Stylish Bicycle Frames by Dosnoventa Barcelona

Dosnoventa is a company from Barcelona that designs some very stylish and minimalistic bicycle frames. It’s established in 2010 by two good friends who really like to cruise on fixie bikes. After working some time on their personal bikes they decided to take a new step and start their own company. Dosnoventa is delivering four types of frames that are hand built in Italy. The Pista, Single Speed, CX and Road frames. Every frame is named after a famous city from different countries. The frames have an unique style with great quality. Both Dosnoventa’s mechanic and sponsored bicycle team have lots of experience when it comes to riding different fixie bikes and the lifestyle of building ultra light and minimalistic bikes . This is one of the reasons why Dosnoventa is becoming a very popular and authentic bicycle brand. 

There is a very creative and trendy vibe in Barcelona so the fixie style of bikes really fits in.  And of course Spain has a great history when it comes to cycle racing. It’s just great to explore Barcelona by bicycle. The weather is very good most times and there are lots of things to see and visit. Take for instance the beach, city center, parks, museums, bars, nice restaurants, you name it and Barcelona has it all. It also has some hills with good roads where you can reach some nice speeds if you like.  I have seen some great pictures of Dosnoventa bikes on Tumblr and I personally like their style of “thick” frames. And their colours are awesome! Their bikes really stand out and it must be great to use a Dosnoventa frame as a basis for your custom bike.

bicycle frames-by dosnoventa-photo 1

bicycle frames-by dosnoventa-photo 4

bicycle frames-by dosnoventa-photo 6

bicycle frames-by dosnoventa-photo 5

You can check Dosnoventa’s website if you like more information.

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