Sign Painting goes well with coffee

Sign Painting goes well with coffee

An artful and authentic combination of producing coffee and painting signs.

Way back in 1918 the Greek family Vassilaros decided to start their own coffee company in New York. The named it Vassilaros & Sons Coffee Company. From that moment on they became well known for their authentic brand and ways of producing one of the finest coffee in New York. The company is still running well and they have kept their authenticity. To express this with their brand they have invited artist Mike Langley to sign paint their delivery trucks. And he did a great job because his old school way of painting fits very well with the Vassilaros & Sons coffee brand. The Sign Painter video shows how Mike Langley paints one of the delivery trucks. I think authentic companies with a great story are very inspirational and interesting. And I kind of like the old school touch of sign painting. It stands out from the “modern” type of branding.  If you’re interested in Sign Painting as well you should also watch the Sign Painter movie. Which is a very cool document on sign painting.

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By Paul – December 5th – 2013


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