Sea Worthy Leatherman Surf

A cool short video of a group of Leatherman ambassadors going on a nice surfing adventure.

Me and my buddies always love to go on an adventure. This can be a mountainbike expedition in the woods, an awesome surf trip or a day of exploring with our photo cameras. And the great thing is that we all share the same interest of buying and collecting things that can support us during our adventures. Whether it’s a good backpack, Opinel knife, Stanley Flask, Zippo, compass or camping goods.

Last year we bought a Leatherman Wave for one of our friend’s birthday. An ultimate gift and tool for a guy that loves to go on an adventure. Now everytime when he uses his Leatherman he walks around with a very big smile on his face. He never leaves home without it. Maybe he’ll write an Cyvel article about his experiences onetime…

In the short video Sea Worthy Leatherman Surf, Lee Leatherman, Cyrus Sutton, Joe Curren, Ryan Lovelace and Troy Mothershead go away on a trip to North California. There’s lot’s of surf, surfboard shaping and fly fishing along their way. A great example of a nice adventure. Going on a trip with friends, enjoying nature and having lot’s of fun!

Check out Leatherman’s website for more info.


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