Peeling Waves and Smooth Trimming

Peeling Waves and Smooth Trimming

Looking back or even forward to a nice summer’s day. Thinking of that calm moment when you’ve got nothing on your mind. You’ve brought your favourite log to the beach and you’re  paddling out to meet some good ol’ friends. Just sitting behind the line up and share some nice stories of earlier surf sessions at that same break. There’s some nice sets of waves rolling in. Not to big or too small, but powerful enough to ride some very long peelers and do some stylish tricks. You’re paddling for a nice and empty one and take off. Setting for a trim and just ride it out smoothly, all the way to the beach. And everything feels kind of a nice slow motion. The wave just goes and goes, like there’s no ending.

Peeling Waves and Smooth Trimming is a new music selection of songs that’ll fit that feeling perfectly. The playlist can be listened and followed via our Cyvel account on Spotify. Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy listening!

‘Peeling Waves and Smooth Trimming’

Cotton Jones – Gotta Cheer Up
Poor Moon – Holiday
Andreya Triana – Draw the Stars
Marbert Rocel – Love Me
Mazzy Star – In the Kingdom
Floating Action – To Connect
Devendra Banhart – Won’t you Come Home
Clutchy Hopkins – 3:06
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan
Tortoise – Swung from the Gutters
Tommy Guerrero – Perpetual
Khruangbin – White Gloves
Junip – Näckrosdammen
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
Air – La femme d’argent (like in the surf film Shelter)

(Photo is taken by Paul)


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