Paradise Outlaw by Pieta Brown

Paradise Outlaw by Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown has just released her new album. It’s definitely worth a listen!



Sitting in a car watching the landscape passing by. Going away on a great adventure. Sharing stories with your travelling partner. And you know what. Paradise Outlaw by Pieta Brown must be on the road trip soundtrack. What a great album!



After a period of three years since her last album, Pieta Brown has made a great list of new songs for Paradise Outlaw. Which is already her sixth album. When listening to this album it almost feels like it’s played in your favourite café. It sounds very calm and alive. Pieta has a very beautiful voice and is known for her folk and indie sound. There’s some awesome guitar playing in her new songs as well!

You can visit Pieta Brown’s website if you like to hear more of her songs.


By Paul – October 3rd – 2014



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