One Week in New York

One Week in New York

A short story of my trip to New York.

Time flies.. It’s already one month ago that I’ve visit New York. Too me. An awesome and inspirational city. I was dreaming of this trip for a long time and it was even better than I expected. Sure, you can do a lot in one week. However New York is much to big to explore in seven days. There’re so many interesting things and details to see.




People of New York

One great thing of New York are the folks who work and live in this city. There’re so many different people with lot’s of different cultures. Which makes New York so special and interesting. And most people where very nice as well. In the shops, in restaurants or when asking for a street, people where very helpful. I just felt very welcome.

New York architecture

Of course. When you’re interested in architecture you definitely have to visit New York. There are some many different kind of buildings with a lot of architectural styles. By being from Holland I really had to get used of the large and high buildings. Now I know the meaning of a skyscraper. I almost had a sore neck of looking upwards. And like many other tourists do, I took the elevator of one of these skyscrapers for an awesome view from above. And I just really dig the New York water towers, as well.




Things to see

Let’s start with The High Line. An awesome park and garden built on an old elevated railway in Manhattan’s Westside. I was really amazed while walking in this green and calm area surrounded by the city. In Holland we’re used to watching American movies  and New York is shown a lot on our television. So I already had a list of things that I really wanted to see. Like the Brooklyn bridge, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. All very nice things to see. We’ve visited Central Park by bicycle, by the way. Which is nice and a great thing to do. The bike lanes in the park are awesome. I didn’t expect that Central Park was so big!




Lunch and dinner

New York has a huge amount of possibilities to find a place for lunch or dinner. There’re many cafes, lunchrooms and restaurants. Which you can’t even visit in a whole year. There’s so many choose. I had a great lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, the Butcher’s Daughter and Fabiane’s café. Dinners where great at Eataly, Tartinery and the Shake Shack.


There are so many cool and interesting shops in New York. From vintage, to designer and sneaker shops to flag shop stores. New York has it all. To me personal. I really liked Saturdays NYC, the Urban Outfitters stores, The Mast Brothers, Pilgrim Surf Supply and many more.











I hope to visit this city again..


By Paul – October 16th – 2014


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