On Wandering

The weather is heavy. It’s raining a bit and the wind is blowing fiercely. Surrounded by amazing highlands you’re riding on an awesome trail crossing a beautiful country. The weather is fresh but who cares, you’re on an epic mountainbike adventure. Fortunately, you don’t have to share this great experience with yourself because your best buddy has been coming along. And you’re both having a blast!

After a long day of riding, carrying your bike, getting all wet while crossing rivers and making some long climbs and technical descends it’s getting dark. Time to call it a day and make an overnight stay in the middle of nowhere. Still a lot of miles to go before the end of this trip. It must be awesome to go mountain biking in Scotland!

Riding mountainbike trails in Scotland

Some weeks ago I just got very inspired and hooked by a short mountainbike video delivered by Shimano. Of course it’s a great way to promote their products. However, they’re known for making some very nice video’s and stories. In their latest release, On Wandering, mountainbike icons Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter are going on a coast to coast mountainbike trip to Scotland. These guys really know how to find some sweet trails and having a great time on their bike. It’s all very inspiring and great to watch.

By Paul


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