A New Album by Angus & Julia Stone

A New Album by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone have just released a very nice new album.




After releasing their first album A Book Like This in 2007 and Down The Way in 2010, Angus & Julia Stone have released a new and third album. Which is named after themselves. The Australian singer-songwriters duo have managed to keep their beautiful style of music in their new album. The calm and serene voice of Julia in combination with the voice of her brother Angus. Together with some great lyrics and the different instruments it all just sounds perfect. When listening to their albums you get the feeling that it can go on and on and on. Like there’s no ending. It’s always sounds beautiful. Great for a rainy day, summer evening at the beach or in your car on the road to nowhere..






My personal discovery of Angus & Julia Stone’s music was during a trip to Costa Rica. A Book Like this was one of the albums that we’ve listened to over and over again while travelling around in this beautiful country. And the music fitted perfect with the vibe and surroundings..

You can visit Angus & Julia Stone’s website if you like to listen to their new album or if you want to see their tour schedule.


By Paul – August 2nd – 2014


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