Must Watch No 1

Must Watch No 1

There are so many cool and inspiring video’s on the Internet. Filmed by creative people who like to tell and show their stories with video’s. With ‘Must Watch’, a new item on our website, we like to collect and share awesome video’s on sports, adventure, culture, art and music. When we’ve found a bunch of cool video’s we’ll share it right away. Enjoy watching!

‘Pretty Pimpin’
The first ‘Must Watch’ starts off with a blast! Kurt Vile’s awesome music video of ‘Pretty Pimpin’. A new song of his epic new album: b’lieve i’m goin down


Tropo California
A great new surf video by Jack Coleman and Mollusk Surfshop. With some stylish shreddin’ by Ryan Burch and Bryce Young.


Adventure of Two – Ollantaytambo, Peru
The third video is all about going on an adventure. Photographer and filmmaker Dylan Ozanich is travelling around the world with his girlfriend and they’ve made some nice video’s of their journeys. Like this one in Peru.


The Craft of Sound
Can you imagine creating nice things by hand? Then you have to watch this video of Alex Bishop. An expert maker of Luthier guitars. Great craftsmanship!


It Looks Like it Says
Like art? We do! And Geoff McFetridge is one of our favourite artists. He had a great exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery.


(photo via Geoff McFetridge and the Joshua Liner Gallery)

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