Must Watch No 9 – Surfs up!

Must Watch No 9 – Surfs up!

Watched some cool surf videos lately? Getting all inspired and hooked to go out for some shreddin. I actually did. Had a great day of surf a couple of weeks ago and now I am all pumped up and waiting for more surf! In the meanwhile I just really dig to watch surf videos and share them with a good buddy of mine. And the other way around he always finds that awesome video and shares it with me. Watching cool videos and preparing for a new surf trip. Surfing is sweet… Must Watch No 9 is a selection of cool surf videos that I like to share with you. Enjoy!

The Church of the Open Sky

A great new piece of work by Nathan Oldfield.

Same Same but Different

A very cool video with surf stylist Torren Martyn. Filmed by Alessio Saraifoger.

Blackies Bunch

Awesome new video by Jack Coleman and Mollusk Surf Shop with epic surfing by Robin Kegel, Jared Mel, Tanner Prairie, Alex Knost and Levi Prairie.

The Single Fin Mingle Highlights Part 1 and 2

Two very nice videos by Kieran Harris. All about great vibes, nice peeling waves and stylish longboard surfing in New Zealand.

Here I am, Ryan Burch

Awesome video with great surfing by Ryan Burch. Brought to you by filmmaker Erik Derman.


By Paul

(Photo via Nathan Oldfield)

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