Must Watch No 7

Must Watch No 7

It’s autumn and winter is closing in. The days are shorter and the weather is getting colder. A great moment to go outside for a nice walk and some fresh air. Or maybe you just like to stay inside with a good ‘ol cup of coffee and watch some cool video’s. We’ve found a bunch of great new video’s and made an interesting selection for Must Watch No 7. Hope they inspire you. Enjoy watching!


Ever been to the Arctic? Travel by ship to see some amazing places and being surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing wildlife. Watch the ice floating by and walk on stony beaches with pure silence on the background, because you’re in the middle of nowhere. The Arctic, nature at it’s purest form. Really a great place for your travel goals.

Influent +

How many surfboards do you have in your quiver? Do you like to try different shapes?
As a true craftsman and experienced surfer, surfboard shaper Ryan Burch really likes to create all sorts of different surfboard models. Surfboards that match with specific kind of waves and different surfing styles.

The Hatter featuring Cate Havstad

Like to wear a hat that’s made by hand? In this interesting short film, Cate Havstad tells how she got inspired to start with creating beautiful hats. This video is produced quite a while ago but we just like to share stories like this.

Ring Around the Moon

An amazing voice and acoustic guitar. Great combination for a beautiful song that comes straight from the heart. This awesome music video of singer Karl S. Williams is shot in just one take. Really a must watch!

Journeymen – Julian Klincewicz

Can you imagine? Creating art, designs and music that gets the attention of big brands. Turning your creativity into work and doing what you like most, creating interesting and cool things!


Let us know if you got any suggestions for Must Watch No 8!


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