Must Watch No 2

Must Watch No 2

There soo many people that know how to make a great video, short film or inspiring documentary. We’ve came along some very nice video’s that we like to share with you. Cyvel’s Must Watch No 2 is all about riding a bmx bike, building an awesome surfboard by hand, flying over Scotland’s beautiful wilderness, discover some new art by Andy Davis and listen to ‘Rock and Roll is Cold. A cool song by Matthew E. White. So take a seat, relax and enjoy watching!

Burrito and The Lightning Bolt
An awesome short film of two ladies that really know how to shred with a bmx bike.


From a small shack in Charlestown Rhode Island, true craftsman Kevin Tanner is creating some very nice surfboards. And he sure knows how to ride one!


Wild Scotland
It must be awesome to go out on an adventure to Scotland and explore the beautiful nature of this country. Filmmaker John Duncan shows you why. He made a very nice aerial video of some amazing wilderness.


Cooked Just Right: New Work by Andy Davis
Surf, Culture and Style. All blend in one painting with nice drawings and beautiful colours. Andy Davis is known form making some great art and this video is a short introduction of his new work.


‘Rock and Roll is Cold’ by Matthew E. White
Already released a while ago but we just have to share this cool video and song!


(photo via Benedict Campbell)

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