Morgan Maassen and his new video “Water”

Morgan Maassen and his new video “Water”

Surf photographer Morgan Maassen takes a dive into the ocean with his video “Water”.



That feeling of being in the ocean. Whether it’s for a fresh dive, going for a swim or surfing a wave. It can be very nice and relaxing when your surrounded by water. As a surf photographer, Morgan Maassen spends a lot of time being in the water. With his latest video “Water”, Morgan literally takes you for a dive in the ocean. It’s a compilation of awesome footage from in and underneath the water. Morgan Maassen is known for making awesome surf photos and videos. He has his own style of great compositions and very bright colours. He’s an inspirational and creative photographer that really knows how to describe a subject via his stills and videos. I dig his work very much.

You can check Morgan Maassen’s website for more of his work.

By Paul – April 15th – 2014


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