Mitterhorn Vertride

What kind of mountainbike style do you like? Do you like to ride on those long and fast cross country routes? Or do you challenge yourself with a heavy enduro trip? Maybe you just want to go downhill.

Technical and steep trails
To me personal, I just like to ride trails where I can challenge myself. That doesn’t mean that it has to go fast all the way. A nice blend of technical climbs, curvy single tracks, difficult and steep descents and fast downhill will do the trick for me. But the parts that gives me the best adrenaline kick are those technical and steep trails where you just can’t go fast. You know, those muddy tracks with rocks and tree roots. It’s all about hanging behind your seat, control the breaks and ride slowly! Together with my mountainbike buddies we always try to stay on our pedals as long as possible. Quite difficult and tricky sometimes!

Inspiring video
If you like this kind of mountain biking than you definitely have to watch the video: Mitterhorn Vertride. It’s all about riding on very difficult and steep trails with lot’s of rocks. The mountain biker in this video really knows how to handle his bike. To me it’s just very inspiring to watch. I am not even coming close to his technique. And what a great area for mountain biking. Mitterhorn Vertride is delivered by Alpine Pics. Enjoy watching!

By Paul

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