Mandarin Brown by Jack Coleman

Mandarin Brown by Jack Coleman

Filmmaker Jack Coleman and Mollusk Surf Shop have released another cool new surf movie called: Mandarin Brown.

Are you inspired by the surfing style of Rob Machado, Ellis Ericson, Jared Mell, Ford Archbold and Alex Knost? Then you have to watch Jack Coleman’s new surf movie Mandarin Brown. While travelling to Mexico, Indonesia and California, Jack has shot some awesome video footage of beautiful surf breaks and great surfers. And everything is shot with an analog camera which makes it look very cool and colourful. The epic tunes are brought by bands like: Tame Impala, Bola Sete and the Allah-las. Together with the classic style of surfing the whole movie has a very stylish and vintage touch. I am a great fan of the classic surf style and I really like this kind of surf movies. Especially the ending section. Great surfing and super cool song by the Allah-Las.

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Jack Coleman
Mollusk Surfshop

By Paul – February 12th – 2014


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