Machado Creations

Machado Creations

Must be awesome! A new surfboard in your quiver, shaped by Rob Machado.




Ever saw that legendary Pipeline Masters final between Kelly Slater and Rob Machado? To me, one of the most awesome WCT moments I have ever seen. Two stylish surfers and great friends doing an high five while contesting with each other.

After a successful period of professional surfing, Rob Machado decided to swap his contest jersey for a live of free surfing and drifting around the world. Most people know Rob for being a great waterman, stylish surfer and inspiration to the surfing world. He also likes to experiment with all sorts of different surfboards. If you’ve ever seen surf movies like Shelter and Sprout, than you know where I’m talking about. I doesn’t matter what he rides, Rob does it with lot’s of style and grace.

Besides being very busy on projects like the Rob Machado Foundation and the Through The Lens video series, Rob decided to start creating his own boards. With Machado Creations, Rob is using all of his experience to design and shape is own boards. And he has made an interesting collection of all sorts of shapes that are fun to ride with in different kind of surfing conditions. He did a great job. Must be awesome to surf one!






The boards shown in this article are available at Mollusk Surfshop. The cool video is created by Jack Coleman.

You can visit Rob Machado’s website for more information.


By Paul – November 20th – 2014


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