Live & Livin’ It, a Great New Album by Sinkane

Some weeks ago, while listening to a bunch of new albums on Spotify I got happily surprised that Sinkane had just released a new album. As a great fan of Sinkane I turned on the volume and started listening to Live & Livin’ It. Already his sixth album.


The sound of Sinkane

How can you best describe the sound of Sinkane and his new album? One of the first questions I asked myself while listening to his new songs, because I really wanted to write an article about it. To me it has a great blend of funk, soul, rock and a very very nice touch of African sounds. Together with his style and voice everything just sounds awesome! Makes me want to meet my friends, have a nice drink and dance! Or maybe go to travel and discovery great places and meet interesting people.

Over and over again

My first and personal discovery of Sinkane’s music was more than a year ago. I found out about his song ‘Jeeper Creeper’, the second song from his fourth album Mars. An awesome five minute plus song that just has no ending. It goes on and on, and on and on.. I am so hooked by it that I can play it over and over again!

That’s the great thing about Sinkane’s music, it lifts you up and takes you on some kind of journey through the world. So press play and enjoy!

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By Paul


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