Let us Roam and Ray Barbee

Let us Roam and Ray Barbee

Watch how Ray Barbee became a very good skater and musician in the first episode of the Let us Roam short film series.




Let us Roam is a ongoing series of short films presented by Leica and Helio Collective. Divided over four episodes, well known skaters Ray Barbee, Arto Saari, Greg Hunt and Atiba Jefferson will tell their own story on skating and how they turned creativity into photography, producing films or making music. Within the skating culture their has always been a lot of creativity and these guys are a real inspiration to others. Both with their skating style and creativity. The first episode with Ray Barbee is awesome! Ray really knows how to flip a skateboard and play some nice music. The first time I heard his music was while watching Thomas Campbell’s surfing film “Sprout”. Great guitar tunes!



You can watch all episodes via the Let us Roam website.

By Paul – April 2nd – 2014


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