Back in 2002 Noel Buckley decided to build his own bike, specific to his needs. Quite some time and effort was put into his project and it ended up more then just designing and a bike for himself.





In 2004 the first models of the Knolly V-Tach were available to customers, and now, in 2013, the company has 4 models in production (and from what I understand more will come). These 4 models range from super solid freeride/ downhill bikes to all mountain/ cross-country shredders. This years’ Red Bull Rampage had two contestants riding a Knolly Podium (Garett Buehler and James Doerfling).

Knolly is one of those brands we hardly get to see here in The Netherlands. Which makes some sense, there are no mountains in the country, some faint hills is where the limit lies. So a riding a Podium or Chilcotin on Dutch trails would be a waste of potential. But then there’s the Endorphin. A 140mm rear travel bike, specked with superb components that would do just fine here in my humble opinion. True, most trails in The Netherlands are cross-country and fast-to-ride, where low-weight 29’er 100mm travel bikes on fast rolling tyres do really well. But there are some trails that are fun to ride on a more all mountain-based bike. I for one would love to shred Spaarnwoude, Nijmegen or Limburg trails on an Endorphin.




What draws me to Knolly (in general, but I’m focussing on the Endorphin) is its no-nonsense approach to riding. The sturdy frame design, simple but sick colorways and well-balanced choice of components on the bike. A short Chromag stem connecting the 785mm wide handlebar, a Fox 34 fork, Maxxis minion tyres, a dropper pen seatpost and so much more show its potential to rip rugged trails. It may not be the lightest or fastest bike uphill, but that’s never been my point of interest.

Last but not least: Knolly promotes itself through the obvious channels most mountainbike manufacturers use but their short films are super sweet. The 2012 Sessions series are a good example.



photocredits: Pinkbike, Margus Riga and Knolly Bikes


Posted by Joppe – Nov 22nd

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