Keep exploring with Brice Portolano

Keep exploring with Brice Portolano

Watch how French photographer Brice Portolano goes on a three weeks adventure to the beautiful wilderness of British Colombia.

Did you ever had that feeling of leaving everything behind for a short period of time? That particular moment that you just want to go on an adventure by yourself or with a good friend. Packing your backpack with a tent, some outdoor gear and food. And then leave for the woods or mountains and go on an new adventure.  In the Keep Exploring short documentary, French photographer Brice Portolano travels to British Colombia for a great adventure of hiking, camping and photography. Brice explains the great feeling of being all by yourself in nature without having to answer a telephone, reading your e-mails or even talk with other people. During his stay in the wilderness Brice Portolano makes a very long hike from the woods to the mountains and back. He sees a lot of beautiful nature and great wildlife. Both subjects that inspire Brice a lot for his photography. The Keep Exploring film is made by Mathieu le Lay and definitely worth to watch. It can be very inspirational for your personal getaway.

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Brice Portolano
Mathieu Le Lay

By Paul – February 22nd – 2014


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