Icebergs and Waves by Zaria Forman

Painting is an awesome way to translate your creativity on an empty canvas. And it’s interesting that everybody has a personal perception on what to paint. Whether it’s something realistic or very abstract. Take for example Zaria Forman. She is an artist from New York that makes very beautiful, realistic and large scale pastel paintings. With her beautiful and realistic paintings, Zaria Forman is raising awareness on Climate Change.


Via her creativity and paintings Zaria tries to spread the word on climate change. Which became her personal goal after spending some time in beautiful places around the world. Back in August 2012, she even led an expedition to Greenland to document the influences of Climate Change on the arctic landscape. Later in 2013, Zaria travelled to the Maldives to find out what the influences of climate change and the rise of water will bring to the lowest-lying country in the world. From both trips Zaria had enough inspiration for making the Greenland and Maldives series. Some awesome and very realistic paintings of icebergs and waves.  I think it’s great to raise awerness on climate change with something your good at.



You can visit Zaria Forman’s website to see more of her work.

(Video credits: Greg James Donahue)

By Paul

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