Ibérica Skateboards

Ibérica Skateboards

Building skateboard decks like in the old days.




When visiting Barcelona you will experience that it’s a true breeding ground for creativity and art. And so it was for skate addicts Raúl Arribas and Gonzalo Sánchez de Lollano, founders of Ibérica Skateboards. While looking for designs in Barcelona they came up with the idea of developing skate decks with dense wood. After using different materials and building methods they finalized a unique couple of decks. Every Ibérica Skateboards deck is crafted manually using this “first generation” style by Raúl or Gonzalo themselves. So when you buy one you’ve got yourself a unique, personal and numbered skate deck.  Pretty cool if you ask me. When trying these decks they advise you to use 85mm trucks, soft bearings, tube wheels and no abrasive paper. Just for some old school cruisin’.


Skate-decks-made-by-Iberica Skateboards-photo-2

Skate-decks-made-by-Iberica Skateboards-photo-3

Skate-decks-made-by-Iberica Skateboards-photo-4

Skate-decks-made-by-Iberica Skateboards-photo-5



Ibérica Skateboards


By Paul – June 18 – 2013


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