How To Road Trip

Are you planning a surf road trip this summer? And do you need some inspiration? Then you definitely have to watch this cool twenty minute short film.

How To Road Trip is an independent film directed, shot and edited by Samuel Glazebrook and supported by Nineplus. It’s all about going on a surf road trip for just a few days and having lots of fun! Fully packed with surf equipment, wetsuits, camera gear and food, a great group of surf buddies are on their way to find some sweet spots along the coast of Cornwall (UK).

Really like the calm vibe of this video and that you just don’t have to go far away on a trip. There are many great places near home to explore. Epic shreddin’, music and road trip advice! Cornwall must be awesome.

Hope you’ll have a great new road trip very soon!

Visit Samuel Glazebrook’s website for more video’s and photography.


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