How Photographer Loes van Duijvendijk Documents the Unexpected

There are so many great and inspiring artists out there in the world. Creative individuals that are on a personal journey to create something new. A unique piece of art that has not been created before. Whether it’s a beautiful painting, a nice sculpture, amazing photo, nice woodwork, cool illustration, or something completely different. As an artist, they just want to create.

Take for example Loes van Duijvendijk, who is a Dutch photographer living in Rotterdam. After graduating for her bachelor in photography she’s been traveling and working on her personal work, but she also worked as an freelance photographer. Nowadays and some years later she has created her own significant style of photography.

Loes is a person that just loves to go out and bring her camera, find new places and document the unexpected in public spaces and architecture. Her work is a personal, poetic and intuitive experience of the world around her. Before starting a new project, she looks and searches for places or spaces where she wants to go to. Subsequently she sets herself the task of redefining that specific place in new or surprising ways by wandering, observing and capturing elements. Details and textures that otherwise go unnoticed.

My work is a personal, poetic and intuitive experience of the world around me. I’ve this constant longing for being elsewhere.

– Loes van Duijvendijk













Are you interested in seeing more of Loes van Duijvendijk’s work? Then you definitely have to visit her website.

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