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Every surfer knows the importance of protecting your surfboard cruising to the beach. Whether by bicycle, on a skateboard, car or motorcycle. You don’t want to dent your board en route to the ocean…. So protecting your board is essential.

This is where Sagebrush Board Bags may well be interesting for you. It’s a cool new brand founded by Anna Ehrgott. Being an experienced surfer and creative person Anna came up with the idea of crafting her own hand sewed board bags. After working on her own bag she decided to make some more that she could sell to others. And this is how Sagebrush Board Bags was born. The great thing about Anna’s surfboard bags is that they’re made out of recycled materials. Anna Ehrgott is an environmentalist and therefore she wanted to create bags that are eco-friendly and long lasting. And let’s not forget they’re very stylish as well.

Inspired by her authenticity and way of life we are very stoked about our interview with Anna.




Who is Anna Ehrgott? Can you tell something about yourself?

I’m a 23-year-old ocean loving seamstress, vegan, traveler, environmentalist and eco-designer. I find fun in everything and truly love what I do.

Why do you love surfing so much and what’s your favorite style?

I easily tire of routine. Surfing is the most stimulating thing I could ever imagine. From surf equipment, fin setups, swell directions, waves, and different coastlines it is the most ever changing thing I know, and I love it for that. My favorite style depends on the waves or my mood, but I tend to stick to singlefin longboards, fishes and eggs.

What’s the story behind Sagebrush Board Bags?

It’s as homegrown as it gets. I slaved away for 6 months, sewing all night after work until I was able to support myself entirely with board bags. I use the money I make to camp, travel, surf and make more board bags. I keep my life very simple and try to make, grow or barter to cover most of my needs.




How did you come up with the idea of making board bags?

I had a basic idea of how to sew, so I made a couple for myself and friends. Then started changing the design around till I found something I was happy with and made a little business out of it. Never thought it would have worked out so well, but it keeps me busy and smiling.

Why did you choose the name Sagebrush?

The canyon I grew up in is covered in sagebrush. The Native Americans used it in purifying ceremonies and smoked it, the cowboys used it as cologne, the hippies use it to cleanse bad energy from their homes, and it’s a beautiful plant that smells nice when burned.

When did you start Sagebrush Board Bags?

I made the first board bags two or three years ago, but the business really only started about a year ago.




Where can people buy your board bags?

My online shop – sagebrushbags.com

In San Diego at Bing Surf Shop, In Venice at Mollusk Surf Shop, In Ventura at Wetsand Surf Shop, In San Fransisco at Mollusk Surf Shop, or through Indoek’s online shop.

You’re from Topanga Canyon. How is life over there?

I grew up in Topanga. I take care of my parent’s house when they travel, but I live an hour or so south of Topanga in Costa Mesa.

What would you recommend when in Topanga County?

Fresh In Topanga’s organic juices, deserts and food, Hidden Treasures is the best vintage store, Yoga Desa, and most importantly the hikes! More beautiful places can be reached by trails than I can count on my fingers. Eagle Rock is my favorite.




What’s more in life besides Sagebrush Board Bags?

Surfing, hiking, yoga, mangos and my dog Gemma.

What would be your ultimate adventure?

I’ve been dreaming about a Sri Lanka a lot recently. The groomed right points, the elephants on the beach, beautiful textiles and a culture I admire.

What’s next for Anna Ehrgott?

Leaving that up to the future to decide. Hopefully more surfing, adventures and the growth of Sagebrush into a few more products!

Feel free to visit the Sagebrush Bags website for more information.


By Paul, June 19th – 2014 




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