Handcrafted furniture by Michael Robbins

Handcrafted furniture by Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins is a true craftsman that makes very beautiful furniture by hand.




From an old wool factory in Hudson Valley New York, Michael Robbins is doing some very creative things. With all sorts of materials and different crafting techniques Michael is making very beautiful pieces of furniture. And he does it without any drawings and planning. He just starts and tries new design possibilities.




The great thing is that the projects of Michael Robbins are a true example of learning by doing. Sure Michael is very creative and he is making some great designs but he wasn’t a trained wood worker in the beginning. He just started to build and learned it step by step. I find it very inspirational to see people like Michael Robbins that just go for it and create new things.  And I really like the awesome design details of Michael’s creations.








You can check the website of Micheal Robbins if you like to see more of his work.


By Paul – August 29th – 2014


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