Groove Move

Groove Move

Jack Coleman presents his new surf film Groove Move.



Are you stoked on surfing with different kind of surfboards? From shredding your log in knee high waves to riding tubes on your single fin pintail or making 360 spins on a self made alaia board. Then you have to watch Jack Coleman’s new surf film Groove Move. Like other films from Jack Coleman, Groove Move is shot entirely with an 8mm camera which makes it all look very cool. The 34 minute film is filmed in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, & California and is all about surfing on different kind of surfboards. Surfers like Derek Hynd, Ari Browne, Justin Adams, Alex Knost, Ford Archbold, Rob Machado, Joel Tudor and many others show why it’s awesome to experiment with different boards. And they do that with great style. Groove Move will be first available on Itunes next 21st of March. If you’re happen to be in San Francisco on the 6th of March than you can visit the Roxy Theatre and watch the premiere, which is presented by Mollusk Surfshop. I really like Jack Coleman’s style of filming and the surfers in this movie are very inspiring. For me personal, I am very curious on surfing a rabbitsfood or bar of soap surfboard. Must be awesome!

You can check Jack Coleman’s website for more information.

Jack Coleman

By Paul – March 3th – 2014


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