Great Songs by Jesse Will (interview)

Great Songs by Jesse Will (interview)

If you’re a fan of singer/songwriter music then you definitely need to add Jesse Will to your favourite playlist.



Playing music has always been very therapeutic for me.
A release for the troubles of the soul.

Originally from New Zealand, singer/songwriter Jesse Will is currently in London to work on his music in-studio. He’s making some great music – a nice mix of folk, indie and blues.

Jesse’s second EP will be out in March 2015. After the release, Jesse is planning to do some touring around the UK and Europe.

It’s awesome that Jesse was willing to do an interview with us while being very busy in the studio!



Can you tell something about yourself?

Well, I’m a 24 year old singer/songwriter from New Zealand, now living in London!

Where do you come from?

I grew up in a little town just out of Auckland city, called Howick. It’s mostly populated by retired old-folk, but it’s coastal, and very beautiful. I’ve been missing it a lot now i’m living in London.



How’s life over there?

What London sometimes lacks in scenery, it makes up for with it’s incredible history & culture. It’s stunning. I’ve been here for nearly two years now, but there’s still so much to do.

What would you recommend when in New Zealand?

Drink the tap water. It’s so fresh and so clean.



When did you started with making music?

I started making music when I was a toddler, bashing out incomprehensible intervals on my parent’s piano. I’ve always enjoyed music, and the confidence it allows you when you perform it. Mum & dad got me piano lessons when I was a kid – I sang and performed a lot, taught myself a guitar when I was a teenager – but I never thought i’d pursue it professionally.

Why do you like playing music so much?

It’s a release. A release for the troubles of the soul. You can be totally open and honest about anything you want; about being a selfish person, a shit lover, about being broken hearted, and people will -for whatever reason – accept it, relate to it, and enjoy it…maybe even sing along.



Where do you like to sing about?

Where do I like to sing about, you ask? Well, I like to sing about lots of places. Such as my mind, my heart, and my past. Not really my future, unless i’m worrying about it. Which I am. A lot.

How do you get inspired for your songs?

I’m constantly listening to new artists, but if I’m in need of inspiration, I’ll watch an interview with one of my favourite songwriters. It’s always fascinating seeing artist’s talk about their work – the passion is infectious.



Who are your favourite music artists?

Too many! And it does change. But my top three (at the moment) would be: Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin and a new discovery, Rhodes – he’s worth checking out.

Are you planning an international tour? And where to?

I’m recording in London at the moment, then taking a break in December/January to head back to New Zealand, but will be back in February to release my second EP. The tour won’t be international, but once it’s released I’ll definitely be playing some shows around the UK/Europe.



What’s more in life besides playing music?

I try to max out on anything cultural. I’ve been loving the museums in London – the Hunterian museum is fascinating. I’m also writing a collection of illustrated short stories – nice to have a little side project.

What would be your ultimate adventure?

Being Kurt Russell’s character in ‘Big Trouble in Little China’.

What’s next for Jesse Will?

Lot’s more music, lot’s more travel, and very little money.


You can check out Jesse Will’s website for more information and music.

By Paul – November 16th – 2014 


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