Going on an Adventure with Poler

Going on an Adventure with Poler

Are you planning  an outdoor adventure and what goods are going to carry with you?




It’s always great fun to plan a new trip to the outdoors.  You’re going to contact your good travelling buddies and talk about a new journey. Or you’re just going to travel all by yourself. Maybe it’s a short distance trip to your favourite outdoor area close by or even a new journey to another country. And with every new adventure it’s important to bring some outdoor goods that support your trip. Those fine hiking shoes that have been on many trips, outdoor clothing, a backpack or rucksack, a good photo camera, a camp mug, music, good book, an axe, small note book, you name it.





Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella, both founders of Poler, know how great it is to go out and travel to the outdoors. Back in 2010, they decided to start with Poler and produce products that you can bring along on an outdoor or sporting trip. They’re designing goods like: tents, rucksacks, nap sacks, clothing, hats, water bottles and more. Their products are authentic, very functional and made with great care and high quality. And because of the colours and prints everything looks quite cool and stylish as well. As a new sporting and outdoor brand, Poler has managed to become quite well known in a very short period of time. It’s always awesome to discover new brands that make great products.







You can check Poler’s website for more information on their products.

By Paul – April 27th – 2014



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