Going Fast Forward with Lael Wilcox

Did you ever challenged yourself to go on a long distance bicycle adventure? All by yourself on the open road cycling through some awesome wilderness. Leaving your steady ground and just go.

And while cycling, you think back on your months of preparation. Mapping a route and distance (or not), selecting the right bike for the long journey, mastering your bicycle repairing skills and buy an all round and lightweight travel kit. Maybe you’ve even found some sponsors to back your adventure. And the road is long, very, very long.

Last year, the men’s record is seven days and the women’s record is fourteen.
Like, that’s twice as long. There’s some room there!

Ever heard of true adventurer Lael Wilcox? She’s an bikepacker and ultra long distance racer, who’s taking on the Arizona trail. Which is an amazing 800 plus miles of desert singletrack, starting in Utah all the way to the Mexican border.  Can you even imagine yourself doing that? Lael Wilcox is a very experienced racer and she’s challenging herself to finish this trail with a new women’s record. On a well selected and fully packed mountainbike and lot’s of preparation she goes on her way. Fast Forward is an awesome short film of her cycling adventure.

If your bike breaks down in the middle of the trail you have to be able to try to fix it

If you’re inspired by Lael Wilcox’s story than you should definitely visit REI’s website. They’ve also released two other films of great trails. The Appalachian and the Bay Area Ridge.

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