Getting ready for next fall with Brixton

Getting ready for next fall with Brixton

Some cool clothing inspiration by Brixton for next fall.



There’s still some weeks to go until summer makes way for autumn. And yes. It went fast again. So, if your looking for some new clothing and cool stuff then maybe Brixton can help you out with some inspiration. They’re known for making very stylish and high quality hats and great clothing. And for next fall, they’ve designed some nice flannel shirts, cool
t-shirts and pants. And there’s more. Some new  sweaters, jackets, shorts and nice trunks. And their bags and accessories are also very cool. Most clothing is made for men, but Brixton has some nice tops and hats for women as well. Their style has a great blend of the skateboarding, surfing, urban, motorcycle and hot rod culture. I like their hats very much.










You can check Brixton’s website fore more inspiration.


By Paul – August 21st – 2014


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