Gentlewoman, Ruby Man

An awesome blend of soul, funk, rock and two amazing voices. Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White have just released, Gentlewoman, Ruby Man, a record full of beautiful covers from well known songs of iconic artists. When you turn on the music you’ll probably recognize them. It’s a sweet mix of both classic and modern songs, from artists like Little Wings, Frank Ocean, Velvet Underground and many more.



Great combination of two musicians

Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White are two great musicians with different styles. After doing a performance together in London, back in 2015, they became good friends. Some years later they decided to make a record. The result: a Sonny and Cher, hippy kind of style with a contemporary vibe. And the songs are really good! The soft and calm voice of Matthew E. White and the bright voice of Flow Morrisey just sounds very good. A great combination if you ask me.

To me personally, Gentlewoman, Ruby Man is probably one of the best cover records I’ve ever heard. Already listened to it over and over again! Enjoy!

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By Paul


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