From Timber to Tide

Like to create things by hand? Maybe you’ll get inspired by the awesome short film ‘From Timber to Tide’. An ultimate dream of freedom. Building a wooden boat by hand and sail away. Both for your yourself and other people.

Starting early with opening the workshop and breath the smell of fresh wood. Grab a nice cup of Joe and see what today’s part of the project will be. Then pick the right piece of wood and start working on the project. Can’t even imagine building a boat by hand and sail away with it. Must be awesome if you can make a living out of this kind of work!

‘From Timber to Tide’ is a short film produced by creative company Pixillion. It tells a very inspiring story of Ben Harris, who is a true craftsman. From making furniture to boats, Ben loves to design and built things by hand. From his awesome workshop in Cornwall (UK), he’s creating some beautiful traditional wooden boats.

‘For me working with wood is more than processing the material, it’s about knowing where the material comes from. Having seen the tree growing’

You can visit Ben’s website if you like to see more of his work.

By Paul


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